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Book Ratings

On this blog I rate books in two separate ways.

The first way is a recommendation level where I rate how likely I am to recommend a book to others , the rating is between 1 and 5 where;

1. There is major flaws in this book but there are a few redeeming aspects that I think make the book worth a read

2. This book has mainly serious flaws but there are a lot of redeeming aspects that make reading it worthwhile.

3. This book has equal good and bad attributes and the book is an enjoyable read.

4. This book is a very enjoyable read however there are a few flaws

5. This is an excellent and enjoyable read that I love with almost no flaws or no flaws.

note. any book that I feel has absolutely no redeeming aspects I will not be posting a review on. Also, my ratings of books are based purely on my opinion, feel free to make your own opinions on any books I review here.


The second way I rate books is the bookhangover level where I rate books based on the severity of my withdrawal from the them  on as scale of 1 to 6 where;

1. I  liked the book but it hasn’t affected me that much. Bring on the next book!

2. Look back on the book with fondness, think about it once in a while but can continue on after reading without any problems

3. Thinking about it occasionally but I can function normally enough with few withdrawal symptoms.

4. Constantly thinking and dreaming about the book but I know what is reality and what is the book and can function relatively normally.

5. I am still 100% stuck in the book having serious problems returning to reality and probably have a huge headache from crying because the book ended.

6. Can’t even look at another book because this one has effected me that much. I cannot function.


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