The Hardest Game of ‘Would You Rather’ | Book Tag

Fist official post since the end of exams and I thought I would get back into blogging with a lovely little book tag that Kayleigh at Miserable & Magical tagged me in.

1) Would you  rather… Drop your favourite book into the toilet OR watch it fall into a wood chipper?

First off whoever made this question how dare you! And second I would have to go with the toilet because if that happened there would still be a chance to save it, if the wood chipper got it the book would be history.

2) Would you rather… read only 1 book a year but remember everything OR read 100 books a year but remember nothing?

One book, 100% reading the one book.

3) Would you rather… Read only the first page of a book OR read only the last page of a book?

Weird fact… more like bad habit, when I was younger and sometimes still to this day if I picked up a really long book and started reading it but it was going in a way I didn’t like. I read the last page, simply because I didn’t want to read a book that I would hate. BUT I am better now therefore I would rather read the first page.

4) Would you rather get locked in a library OR get locked in a bookstore?

That is a really good question, a really good question. You have me stumped. Okay, it probably depends on the type of bookstore but I would most likely pick the library because (like my local one) it has really comfy seats and I could just get lost in the books.

5) Would you rather… Drop your book in a lake OR accidentally set it on fire?

I’ll be honest on occasion I have come close to doing both. I am just really clumsy. Once again i think I will go with the water option because the book then might stand a chance of survival.

6) Would you rather… Read a book with a cliffhanger ending OR read a book with a heartbreaking ending?

I will go with the cliffhanger. I would rather punish myself with the wait than destroy myself with a heartbreaking ending.

7) Would you rather… Have the book’s ending spoiled OR never know what happens

Never know what happened. I can make up my own ending that=n have it spoiled.

8) Would you rather… read only one genre forever OR never repeat the same genre after reading it once?

Ah thats a hard one….. I’ll stick to the same genre at least then I still have an endless amount of books, I would run out of genres quite quickly and then there would be no books 😦

9) Would you rather… Read a book where the main character is killed off OR read a book where the love interest is killed off?

For me that really depends on who the main character is because lets be honest we all have a series we love but we just didn’t like the main character. I’ll stick with loosing the main character.

10) Would you rather… Read a book that’s missing the middle chapter OR read a book that’s missing the first and last chapters?

Middle. Definitely the middle. I could miss the start but there is no way I couldn’t miss the start and the ending.

11) Would you rather… love a book everyone hates OR hate a book everyone loves

I’ve been in this boat a few times, there are books I love that others don’t like or there are big phenomenons that I am just like why? At least with the first option I like the book so I will go with that one.

12) Would you rather… loan a book to a friend who’s known to ruin books OR drop a book in a pit of snakes?

Most likely to get the book back from the snakes. So snakes it is. Plus you didn’t say the snakes were venomous and if they aren’t I am happy to jump in and get the book back. Mainly because then I would be angry at myself rather than fight with a friend and I will always pick that one.

13) Would you rather…. Be stuck on a deserted island without a book OR be stuck in a library full of books in a language you can’t read

Library filled with books I can’t understand because there will probably be a translating book or a learn this language book that I can use to read the rest of them.

14) Would you rather… Bring only 1 book on a 12 hour flight OR bring an e-reader with only 10% left on a 4 hour flight?

One book on a 12 hour flight. I will read very slowly. Plus there is movies so I can divide my time.

15) Would you rather… Find out your best friend hates your favourite book OR share a favourite book with your worst enemy?

Share the love. You never know it might build the bridge and keep us from being mortal enemies.

I am tagging anyone who wants to do this one because it’s great fun!


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