One Year Blogiversary!!!


Can you believe it! Today is my one year blogiversary! I never thought I would continue writing for this long never mind being welcomed into such an amazing blogging community thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read, comment, follow and like any of my work here, it means the world to me and hopefully this blog will continue to run for years to come.

I had so many big things planned for my one year blogiversary but sadly i’m in the middle of exam studying and I completely forgot about today until my dad said May the fourth be with you earlier and yep we are a family that loves Star Wars, currently sitting watching Return of the Jedi. So maybe I will do the posts I planned to sometime in the next month but for now to celebrate I have teamed up with Miserable & Magical for a Blogiversary Giveaway! It has been running since Kayleigh’s one year blogiversary and will finish on the 12th of May so if you would like to know more or enter click here!

Sorry it’s such a suckie post but exams ya know? Destroyer of social lives (even virtual ones)


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