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(Spoilers ahead if you haven’t read Rebel Wing and if you haven’t why the heck not?!!!)

In the action-packed sequel to Rebel Wing, Aris battles for life and love . . . and not everyone will survive.

Aris Haan gave up everything to join the Atalantan Military: her family, her boyfriend, even her identity. In the end, though, it didn’t matter that she was a war hero. When the all-male Military discovered that she was actually a woman, she was sent home and erased from history.

Now she has a chance to go back to the battlefield—as herself. But as hard as it was to be a soldier in disguise, it’s even more difficult now. The men in her unit undermine her at every turn. The Safaran army has spies everywhere, perhaps even on Aris’s stationpoint. And she’s falling for her mysterious superior officer, Milek. But their relationship is forbidden, just stolen moments between training sessions and missions. There’s no room for love in war.

Then Aris discovers that Safara’s leaders have set their sights on her, Atalanta’s hero. And she must find them before they find her . . .


First of all thank you to Booksparks for giving me an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Creating a sequel that lives up to the first book in the series can be tough but Tracy Banghart has done it spectacularly. After falling in love with Rebel Wing I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Storm Fall and let me tell you it was worth the wait!

The authors incredible word building continues in the second book of this brilliant trilogy allowing the readers to learn much more about the different lands involved in the war. I particularly loved the map at the start of the book which is really helpful in understanding what is happening where. This imaginative and creative world building all adds up to the stories spectacular plot-line which was a great continuation from the first book answering questions that we desperately needed to know the answers to and leaving us begging for the next book (why do I have to wait!)

I still really love the way in which Tracy writes these books. Being able to see the book from different perspectives really gives great detail to readers about the book and its happenings as well immersing readers into the lives of the characters.

That leads me on to character development and relationship building. The character development in this book was very well done, I really liked learning more about Dysis and the way in which her story-line is progressing and cannot wait to learn more. Aris is the protagonist in this book and has underwent such a transformation and found such strength in herself from where she saw herself to where she is now that it is great to watch this development and the growth in her confidence.

The only real fault I have with this book is that it isn’t long enough for me. I need more! But I guess I will just have to wait for the next book to be released.

Recommendation: 5/5

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Publisher: Alloy Entertainment

Publish Date: Dec 16th 2014

Pages: 230

About the Author

Tracy Banghart is a cheesy movie–loving, fantasy football–playing (go Ravens!), globe-trotting Army wife who began “practicing” her craft at the age of five, when she wrote her first story. She grew up in rural Maryland, with a cornfield in her backyard and flying squirrels in her bedroom walls, and spent her summers on a remote island in northern Ontario. All that isolation and pretty scenery led to a reading addiction, writing obsession, and several serious book boyfriends.

After high school, Tracy escaped to North Carolina, where she got her BA in English from Davidson College. After college, she sampled city life in Canada and D.C. before jetting off to England, to pursue a master’s degree in Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. When she returned stateside, Tracy dabbled in various publishing jobs but didn’t give up on her dream of being a published author. Her husband convinced her that writing full time made perfect sense given the unpredictability of his job, thus affirming her conviction that he was better than any book boyfriend.

Tracy now lives with her husband, young son, and sundry pets in North Carolina, but it won’t be long until the Army sends them off on new adventures.

(Photograph and Bio taken from authors website, click on authors photo to be taken there)


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