Books with Messages


There are different books that have been written for different reasons but there is one in particular I would like to talk about today. Books that contain a message or contain a deeper meaning. Notably all the books I will talk about today have either been banned or have been challenged at some point in time since they have been published.

This thought occurred to me while reading Animal Farm by George Orwell. Instead of writing a run of the mill book review why not discuss what the message of this book is along with many others and how they reflect, question and effect society.

Let’s start with Animal Farm by George Orwell – It is about a farm where the animals revolt against their human oppressors and decide to run the farmyard for themselves. However, they are once again brought down this time betrayed and ruled tyrannically by their leaders the pigs. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”. Orwell’s satirical take on Stalin’s rule in the Soviet Union had a diverse reaction from the public, in some places it was banned and deemed wrong in others particularly the United States the CIA themselves funded the book and today it is still taught in English Classrooms across the world to teach youngsters about power and corruption. (read more about Animal Farm here)

Another banned book that contains a strong message is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee – In this classic Pullitzer Prize winning novel we watch childhood innocence learn good and evil, the truth of social inequality and realize that it is wrong to harm innocents. “It is a sin to kill a mockingbird” – Banned and challenged to this day To Kill A Mockingbird raised questions and truths that the world was not ready to here and is also still taught in classrooms across the world to teach children some very important truths about right and wrong.

Not a book but The Diary of Anne Frank has been banned and challenged continuously since the world has learned of it’s and Anne’s existence. I won’t go into to much detail as we all know the truth of this young girls diary. One sentence I found  that I think is fitting to describe the message people have perceived from Anne’s words are “Preserving your humanity in the face of inhumanity”

I might do a further post on this in the future but for now let’s leave it here. In the mean time is there any books that had a message that really affected you?


7 thoughts on “Books with Messages

  1. Oooo. Lord of the Flies is about the depravity of man and how we often rationalize atrocities by making them part of the system. Very good read with a very thought-provoking message.

  2. Hi! I read “Animal Farm” just a while ago and I absolutely loved it! If you haven’t yet, you should also read “1984” from Orwell as well, it touches the same issues about society.
    I just wrote a poem inspired on Animal Farm if you would like to give me some feedback on it 🙂

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