My Week In Pictures #10


If you have been reading this blog you may know that I went to Edinburgh on Monday on the lookout for some bookshops, you can see the post on that here and while I was there I obviously could not resist taking a few pictures because let’s face it Edinburgh is a very photographic city with it’s array of architecture particularly the castle (which we literally walked in a circle around the bottom of the hill (volcano) that it’s on, in record time!)

castle  the back of Edinburgh Castle- view from Castle Terrace Street.

grassmarket street Probably one of the most photographed streets in Edinburgh, it leads from the Grassmarket up to the Royal Mile.

edinburgh buildings I just love this building, it reminds me of Paris.

grassmarket  Grassmarket.

royal mile If you look hard you can see the water, rare sight to see in Scotland in the winter but thanks to the sun it can be seen from the Royal Mile.

greyfriars bobby pub If you haven’t heard the story of Greyfriars Bobby stop what you are doing and go look for it!

grassmarket, castle Probably my favourite photo of this trip. A view of the castle from the Grassmarket.


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