Bookshops for Bookworms in Edinburgh

A great start to an otherwise cursed week (I have terrible luck with buses) saw Kayleigh @Miserable& Magical and me traipsing around Edinburgh on the lookout for some great bookstores.

That’s what I love about old cities such as Edinburgh there are always new discoveries to be found and in particular for me well-loved bookstores hidden among the many streets just waiting to be discovered.

Just a quick hop on the bus from Uni between lectures (I love that I go to University in Edinburgh!) and we were off on our search. After a little mosey about online I found that one of the best areas to find lovely little bookstores was down behind the castle on West Port and the Grassmarket. So with a general search on Google maps we were ready to go.

On a rare sunny day in the winter month of January we found our new favourite bookshop, a floor to ceiling wonderland of story-filled pages from modern favourites such as Hunger Games and Game of Thrones all the way back to first edition classics. This second-hand bookshop is filled with all types of books from well-loved fiction to historical non-fiction there really is something there for everyone. What is this beautiful place you may ask? Why it’s Armchair Books on West Port in Old Town.


bookstore. armchair books       armchair books shop

After practically having to pry ourselves away from this treasure land of books we went on with our lookout for bookshops. On the streets below the Royal Mile just down from Greyfriar’s Bobby churchyard and stature  is where we found our next find.

Transreal Fiction on Candlemaker Row is another great find and I will be sure to be back. For all those of you who are lovers of Science Fiction, Fantasy and such this place is for you! It has a great selection of modern greats for great prices, jeez how many times can someone say great in one sentence for!, let’s try that again. It has a great selection of modern favourites for good prices. Better. It also has a good selection of signed books as well, always great ones to add to collections.


Overall, I had a great time searching old town Edinburgh for bookstores and was very happy with the couple we did find and the best thing about it being Edinburgh? There are so many more to be discovered!

(Come back tomorrow to see more Photographs I took around Edinburgh in My Week in Pictures Sunday Post and here some more stories about the day out)


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