Oy with the Poodles Already Part 2

I finally have time to go back and restart Missing on Mondays. This feature that I am hoping to keep going is a weekly one where I talk about a t.v. show/ movie series that I miss. To see more about it click here or to see Oy with the poodles already part 1 click here.

Now on to the nitty gritty details of why I miss this show so much. In part 1 I talked about my general overall love and misery at it’s end this week will be a little bit more in depth.

Favourite Characters: This was supposed to be favourite character but I love them all for different reasons therefore I have created subcategories (and picked 5- it was hard) with my favourite quote of theirs…

the one after my own heart: Rory Gilmore – I think we all at somepoint see ourselves in Rory on her journey into Adulthood. “Not in front of the books lane!

the one we can count on to never change: Kirk Gleason- I think this Gif pretty much explains it… “I want to get the healthy glow of someone who goes consistently to the gym without actually have to go of course”

the one I would be for a day: Lorelei Gilmore- enough said. She is just the queen. Do I actually have to pick a favourite quote? Is there one that stands out above all the rest? I guess I have to go with “You’ve been Gilmored”

the one I wish I had her courage: Paris Geller- I think I would actually get on well with her and her bluntness. “I am not cut out to deal with people” 

the uncle we all have: Luke Danes- I think we all know someone like this and that just made me love him so much more. “I’m all in.”

Favourite Relationships: 

the forever ones- Lorelei and Luke – the will they won’t they kept us going for 7 seasons but they were always going to be endgame.

the ones that got away– Literati aka Jess and Rory. Wrong timing, wrong timing and oh yeah, wrong timing. These two had no luck with time.

well if I have to have a family I guess you are alright…: One of my all time favourite relationships ever on any show is Luke and Jess. Both coming from troubled childhoods this Uncle and Nephew were more alike than they cared to admit and I loved the growth of their relationship and how they pushed one another to do better.

best friends forever: Sookie and Lorelei We all want the sort of friendship these two had. The perfect support system and hilarious memories that these two created were a privilege to watch.

devil’s spawn: Lorelei and Emily Gilmore- We all know that these two never had the best of relationships but it was entertaining to watch the both of them resort into their inner child whenever the other was around and start bickering. Just wasn’t so fun for any unfortunate soul that found themselves between them.

it was a priviledge: Rory and Lorelei- of course I’m talking about these two. The whole show is about these two! Their relationship is what made us fall in love with this show and made us tune in every week to see them.

Favourite Season/s: this was hard to choose but season 3 and 4 were my favourites me thinks.

Favourite Episode: I think the last ever episode  was my all time favourite episode. I was distraught when the show finished but it was the perfect ending for me.

(Gifs are not my creations, click on them and it will take you to the sites of their makers)


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