My Week In Pictures #9

The Weather in Scotland this week has been terrible. Gale force winds, Blinding rain and Blizzard snow at points but I did manage to take a few photos that I love! Sadly my fence lost the fight in the winds but it did let me get a great photo!

Footprints in the snow

The snow that appeared out of no where, came home and it was clear- looked out the window an hour later and I saw this…

Luckily the snow wasn’t bad here (the wind was though) but there was enough to take some photos that I love, how’s the winter weather where you are?


5 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures #9

  1. Snow! How beautiful and magical!
    The winter weather where I stay (in Mumbai) is not winter weather at all. The coldest it gets is 18 degrees. That too, only at night. People literally sweat through the day even in winter 😛

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