Sunday Review


Life Changes

Last day before I start back at University tomorrow. Where has the time gone? I am going to be more prepared this year and schedule all my blog posts in advance otherwise I think we will end up with a repeat of November/December and there being no posts as I feel like this will be a very challenging semester. And as I will be in Uni 5 days a week until ridiculous times at night, who makes the timetables? There will be little time to write posts. On the other hand 4 hours on buses each week day  leaves a lot of time to read. Which is good because I may have went overboard on an iTunes deal (get the first book in a series for free) and ended up with A LOT of books. A LOT! And I got my hair dyed again, a more natural colour this time instead of red and I love it.  🙂

Blog Changes

You may have noticed that I am starting to change the way in which I review books. More talking, less facts and not really rating them. I’ve never really liked rating books, so I tried it another way, didn’t  really like that either and have now decided that if I like a book then I will review it. I may recommend it to people based on what they like to read but rest assured that if I feel like it should be read by someone I’ll review it, if I don’t like it then I won’t review it. (Although if I’ve read a book and it shows on Goodread’s and not reviewed it on here it may just be that I have forgotten or not got round to it yet) The point is I won’t review any book I feel is under a 3 star.

Now that the Holiday season is over I will be starting to return to posting my weekly features and adding others which are:


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