Looking Back at 2014 and at this year


Well what can I say? I started blogging in May 2014 and I never thought I would keep going. I never was a girl that could keep a diary. Two, three days max and then I was done. So to continue on and still love it is amazing for me and it’s thanks to you all for continuing to read it, people have been reading my blog from 45, FORTY FIVE countries wow! Now onto looking back at 2014.

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Favourite Posts

Five Favourite Books/ Series

  • one-breath-away 20140728-171636-62196517.jpg
  •  Clockwork_Angel_1  tasoat  split sec

Five Favourite Songs (of this year)

  • Caught in the Moonlight by Si Cranstoun
  • Listen to the Man by George Ezra
  • Move Like U Stole it by ZZ Ward
  • Glow by Ella Henderson
  • Waiting for Superman by Daughtry


I’m going to be partaking in the Popsugar’s Ultimate Reading Challenge and setting myself a  Goodreads challenge of 50,  then maybe higher if I reach that one. With life being busy with exams and such I think this challenge is perfect to do as it’s a to read list based on genre etc rather than specific books and most of the books on my immediate to read list fit the categories so bonus!

New Years Resolutions 

  1. Regularly Update
  2. Be better at media for the blog i.e. Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. Particularly Instagram.
  3. Complete Goodreads Challenge
  4. Fill up my notebook with short stories i.e. write more.
  5. Comment more on other book blogs (even online I am painfully shy with initiating a conversation- that ends this year!)

Anyway Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great time. I love Hogmanay/New Year because it’s two days of partying and Scotland knows how to party. I went to Edinburgh for the Bells last night to see the fireworks and they were spectacular! I might post some pictures later.


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