Books for Christmas Please


I don’t know where I have been to have completely missed them but it was fairly recently that I found out about Barnes and Nobles Leather-bound classics. They are so beautiful and perfect that as a bibliophile I felt the need to get my hands on some of them. (All of them, but i’m being realistic- I will never get Chronicles of Narnia but I have accepted that. Yeah right haha)

I have a great appreciation for pretty books and look at these aren’t they gorgeous! As well as them I have found Penguins cloth bound classics which are just amazing. I want them all!

jane book

Anyway, back to the point of this blog post. My mum had been pestering asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I just didn’t have an answer but then I saw these and  guess what I’m getting for Christmas? I hope so anyway, might get a selection box instead which truth be told I would still  be extremely happy with. Do you all know what a selection box is or is that just a British thing?

I would love to open up a present and see one of these beautiful books on Christmas morning, or any book in general. Books make me happy.What about you all, is there any book you will be hoping for this Christmas? And if unlike me, who apparently was living under a rock, do you know about these special edition books? whats your favorite cover and classic? Mine are Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre.


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