Back to Blogging: A Letter

Hi Guys,

Been a while hasn’t it? Sorry it has taken me so long to blog properly but with coursework, exams, life and Netflix  Subscriptions (Bad, Bad, Bad idea) I had to make some sacrifices and sadly blogging was one of them. But all coursework is done, exams are finished and my Netflix addiction is under control, sort of.

Regardless of telling myself I was master of all aspects of my life and totally prepared for exams. I. Was. Not. Never mind the fact that I have been taking exams for 8 years now and really should be better prepared I just broke down, panicked and in my mums own words went “Catatonic” (that was the night before the Human Development and Intelligence Exam) Let me tell you I have never worked so well with so little sleep as I have done in the last two weeks.

Why am I telling you all this? So that A) You all can see what not to do and hopefully will always be better prepared for whatever you are doing than I have been the last couple of weeks/ month and B) Think positive because you can get through it and eventually sleep again.

Speaking of sleep here’s a quick story to get myself and you guys back into the flow of this blog. As you guys may know I am many things and  one of the main ones is being extremely clumsy, dropsy and an all round butter fingers. I have dropped many a thing over the years but this week, in my sleep might I add, I grabbed my mobile phone and threw it against the wall. Don’t know how or why I did it but what a wake up call that was, luckily it didn’t break and all was well.

Now onto the blog; I have a few book reviews, Christmas things and my usual features etc to do so to make up for practically nothing for the past month I have lots to talk about and will blog everyday till University starts back- next year sometime, too scared to check.

Thank you for all of your patience, for still checking out my blog and for the new followers who added me as well. I hope you all have had a good time and continue to do so.


Cora @SmalltownBookworm


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