Missing on Mondays

smalltownmon It’s finally here, today I am presenting to you all my new feature which is called Missing on Mondays, the names a work in progress but the content’s the same. Every Monday there will be a special post on this blog dedicated to a TV show (or movie series) that has finished and is missed dearly. Talking about anything that was special about that programme; characters, actors, genre, quotes and relatable topics. Guestposts are welcome- if you are interested then please send me an e-mail with the name of the TV show/ Movie series that you miss and want to talk about at the email address in my behind the blog page above. You can also talk about a certain character that has left a TV show or the actor playing a character that has changed such as  a specific Doctor Who.  I will say that all the TV Show/ Movie Series that are talked about on this blog are all age appropriate, I like to keep a clean blog so basically no dodgy shows. But there are a variety of topics from comedy to drama to Disney and Nickelodeon shows.

Missing on Mondays Blog Posts Schedule for November:                                                     November 3rd: Gilmore Girls  Part 1                                                                                                           November 10th: Gilmore Girls Part 2                                                                                                   November  17th: Guest Post from Kayleigh @ Miserable & Magical about One Tree Hill November 24th: BBC’s Merlin

My first ever missing on Mondays post will be up later on today which is about Gilmore Girls.


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