Happy Halloween!!

halloween treatsz

I hope you are all having a great Halloween whichever way you are celebrating it (or not). If you guys are doing anything nice leave a comment below. As for me I am staying in, reading a book (The Returned by Jason Mott-seems fitting for tonight) watching scary movies and waiting for Guysers (which is the Scottish word we use for trick or  treaters). I made loads of goody bags, although the pile is rapidly shrinking, hope we don’t run out!

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays of the year (only succeeded by Christmas) in my all time favourite season as well. I just love it . The scary movies, the costumes and the fun.

My favourite Halloween by far is the one I spent in Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night in Florida. I’m pretty sure the big bad guys were Freddie, Jason and a very scary clown. The scariest part was getting chased by a guy with a chainsaw (I have never ran that fast in my life, let me tell you!) The funniest part was walking along a foggy bridge and watching people scream as ghouls popped out of nowhere and followed them. Luckily none ever jumped out on me. I would love to go to America again for Halloween as it is amazing over there and would definetly go back to the horror nights, a great way to spend the night. I actually wrote a short story based on that experience for high school, who knows maybe one day I will share an excerpt with you all.

Until then, Hope you are having a good day.


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