The Pandora Chronicles Book 1 by Ryan Attard


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A nomadic alien species found itself trapped on a new-born Earth billions of years ago. And they were here just long enough to leave a legacy behind – buried in our DNA.

1713 – Captain Jack Finnegan’s remarkable success as a pirate and privateer turns out to be something much deeper. He’ll need all of his wits, and a bit more, to survive his quest for the powerful relic left behind by the gods.

2012 – The famous archaeologist Nick Solomon never could pass up a good adventure, especially not the search for a mysterious artifact. He’d just prefer not being stuck between a crime lord, a secret government agency, and the past he’s tried so hard to forget.

Hold on to your seats for another great fiction series by Ryan Attard, author of The Legacy Series. Pandora Chronicles Book 1 is exactly the action-packed, swashbuckling, firefight of a science fiction mystery adventure you’ve been looking for! (as seen on Goodreads)


Pages: 128 Pages

Publisher: AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc

Published: October 23rd 201

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction,

How did I get it? I received an eARC from the Publisher in return for an honest review.


Recommendation Level: 3.5/5

What I Thought

Part 1: Set in two parts this book first follows Captain Jack Finnegan, a dashing, successful privateer living in the 18th century as he is persuaded by a Priest and a Duchess to sail after an ancient relic left behind by the  Gods. A daring quest reveals more to the Captain than he ever thought possible.

First of all I love Pirate adventures and Pirates plus aliens? count me in! This is a must read adventure book filled with sword fights, funny wit and great characters. The only down side to the first part? It was a bit crammed together and short I would have loved to read more about Finnegan and Tier!

Part 2: In a modern day setting Casanova meets Sheldon Cooper in the lead protagonist  Professor Nick Solomon who through some really bad luck finds himself stuck between a secret government agency and an evil crime lord on their missions to find a powerful treasure. On his journey he finds truth, adventure and himself.

At first I really didn’t like him as he was sexist, rude and a bit of a **** but I realized that was supposed to happen and I began to love him more and more as his character developed throughout the second part of this adventure. I commend Ryan Attard for his characters and in particular their character development throughout the novel.  Now as for Agent Excalibur I love a strong female lead and she was simply fantastic in putting Nick in his place, the banter between the two was comedy gold and I couldn’t stop laughing every time they fought. However, no matter how far Nick Solomon , sorry,  Professor Nick Solomon raised himself in my good books I will never forgive him for what he did to one of Mary Shelley’s only manuscripts of Frankenstein. Sacrilege!  I just cannot think about it! 🙂


With a superb plot line  I really enjoyed the Pandora Chronicles and will probably read the next book in the series when it is released. The epilogue set up the next book nicely. I would definitely recommend this book for a quick enjoyable read. The only real downside was that the grammar needs a little bit of a polish and the plot jumps a bit in places but the story line really shines through and triumphs over any minor problems.

You can check out the authors website for more information on him and his books here at Ryan Attard.

You can also check out AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc’s website  here as well.


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