The Maze Runner Movie Review (non-spoiler)

I know all you lucky people across the water have already seen The Maze Runner but it’s not released in the UK till Friday and very luckily I managed to get two tickets to an advanced screening last night.

So Kayleigh over at Miserable & Magical  and I went to see it and had an amazing time, first trying to find our way around Edinburgh, then eating Pizza, drinking vanilla and strawberry flavoured 7up and meeting Gollum on the bus… long story.

The Movie 

I had guessed a while ago that this  would be one of those rare movies that I liked better than book, don’t get me wrong I loved the book but there was something special about seeing the Glade and the Maze come to life.

The movie was able to channel and enhance all the essential elements of the book and really brought the plot-line to life. The actors all perfectly portrayed their characters, it was by far one of the best castings a movie has ever done.

And the grievers! those things were perfect and I’ll admit I jumped. They were scary and creepy. I cannot wait till the Scorch Trials comes out.

What was your opinion on the movie if you saw it? and if you haven’t do you plan to?

P.s. I know I haven’t been blogging much this month and when I have I know my posts weren’t the best, I have a lot of coursework due this month and until all that is done I will be stressed to the max but hopefully by November I’ll be back to usual and this blog will be better up kept.



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