Stone Faced Angel by Marie McKean

stone faced

There are some things I know for sure:

1. I died . . . a long time ago
2. Even in death I was always aware of him.
3. Love has a way of making even angels choose to leave their heaven above.


Publish date: February 1st 2015

How did I get it?: I received an ARC from the author via Netgalley (Thank You!)

Recommendation Level: 4.5/5

Book Hangover Level: 4.5/6

Book Cover: 5/5

Genre: YA, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy


What I thought

I loved this book! It’s been a while since I really got into a book and I knew I loved this one when it got to 3 in the morning and I was still reading it. (Trust me it takes something special to get me to give up my sleep, especially when I had an early start the next day)

Yes on occasion the plot is slow but it all adds up to a spectacular story-line and ending. I really liked how each section worked well together it was very well written. Every character is unique, realistic and life-like which I love, nothing worse than reading a book and thinking really? no one acts like that. Maura, the main character is going on the list  of my all- time favourite protagonists and Brandon, just *sigh*.

This was a beautiful book and I am already counting down till Stone Crossed Angel is released in 2016.

Also, how beautiful is the cover and name? I cannot rave about this book enough! I am also planning on reading some of this authors other books soon and definetly 100% recommend this one.


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