What’s with the Love Triangle?

Most Love Triangles in books are pointless. I’ve been thinking this for a long time now (and know that there are quite a few others out there that agree as well) and I finally decided today that I’ll talk about it a bit.

I think most days now 2 in 3 books have love triangles in them, it’s just something that we as readers accept and writers love to write about. But generally most of these love triangles leave readers thinking; really? why? what? huh?

I don’t mean every love triangle is pointless, most of them make the books more interesting to read and get the fandom’s talking which can be great. No, the ones I’m talking about are the series/ books that get readers really invested in a couple- make it seem like this is it this is the forever tale and then in the next book another someone just pops up out of nowhere and boom there’s a new one in the mix, what?

I mean the ones where a character is thinking this is it I will never love anyone else this is perfect this is …oooooh look at that guy/ gal he’s/she’s cute, huh?

I won’t list books that I feel have silly love triangles in them because I don’t like putting people of a book but I will list here some books that I feel have an actual plausible reason for there being a love triangle and are written very well.

The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare- Jem or Will- To this day I have never picked a side, this is by far the best written love triangle that I have ever read about I love all parties equally and as a reader I can understand this one and love it.

The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer- Although not one of my favourite books, readers can really see how and why this triangle came about. The main characters heart was broken by one guy and healed by another, this was always gonna leave a mark.

The Host by Stephanie Meyer- One of my favourite books and although an unconventional love triangle it was very well written and understandable.

Do any of you have  any books that you feel have great love triangles in them, or unnecessary ones? Leave a comment below if you do, I would love to hear about it!



4 thoughts on “What’s with the Love Triangle?

  1. Divergent although she broke our heart in a different way. To this day The Host and The Infernal Devices are still my favourite love triangle/box books and it’s only because of how perfect it was written. Never thrown in for affect or an everyone’s doing it and so will I 🙂

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