Music Wednesday

I know I normally do a Wednesday Playlist but this week I’m going to do it a little bit different and tell you all about some amazing female vocal albums that I have been listening to lately. Next week I will talk about some albums from guys that I have been listening to as well.

zz ward     First on the list is Till The Casket Drops by ZZ Ward. Released 2012

I have put a couple of the songs from this album on several of my playlists but that’s just because this Album is amazing. It has been a long, long time since I have fell in love with a CD  and every song on it! This  is a mix of Blues, Hip-Hop and Rock and this Unique sound is brilliant to listen to. I absolutely cannot pick a favourite song, one of my friends asked which one to listen to and I ended up telling her half the songs on it until I managed to stop myself. I’m pretty sure a lot of the songs have been in tv shows and no wonder because the whole album is perfect for..well anything!

harmony     Harmony by Serena Ryder. Released 2013.

With many different influences Ryder’s 6th Studio Album has it’s Unique tone and is a perfect blend of music and vocals, I just really love this album, it’s perfect to listen to on a journey and also great music to listen to when reading. My favourite song on the album is What I Wouldn’t do, it is on constant repeat.

nina     Peroxide by Nina Nesbitt. Released 2014.

This Debut Album has some very beautiful songs on it. I could listen to this album all day. I think it is actually a really great one to listen to when driving around or sitting down somewhere and reading a book. There is a very natural sound and feel to this album which I love and one song in particular that is on repeat is Two Worlds Away.


2 thoughts on “Music Wednesday

  1. I’ve never heard of any of these albums you’ve included I’ll have to check them out i have a habit of staying in a music rut!

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