My week in pictures

I have had a very busy week this week what with Uni starting again and other things so I may have forgot to take some pictures, oops!
Anyway here are some pictures that I did manage to take- it’s been really foggy in Scotland this week and because of that what can we see all day? Spiders webs in the hedges and bushes. This is the one from my front garden and my dad says it’s only one spider but I don’t believe him I mean look at it! spiders creep me out!
Next is a pic I took of my 1000th view on this blog!!! That’s amazing! And to think I was aiming for 100 views when I started this blog! Thanks to anyone reading this blog!
And lastly a family celebration was attended this week were we went to Toni Macaronis ( Yummy!) and I got some lovely pasta and ice cream- couldn’t eat it all though- it was massive!

Next week I will definetly have some lovely Autumn Photos to show you all as the leaves are just starting to fall f the trees over here in Scotland and everywhere is just so pretty! Anyway until then 🙂


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