The Power of the Magpies



What a week! I’m exhausted! Every now and again I like to talk about what’s going on in my life and then you all can see a bit more about who’s behind the blog.

I started second year of University this week and although I can tell it’s going to be hard it was amazing to get back and see friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Now let’s talk about Magpies… My friend and I both believe in the power of magpies and their rhyme, if you haven’t heard it it is;

  1. One For Sorrow
  2. Two for Joy
  3. Three for a girl
  4. Four for a boy
  5. Five for silver
  6. Six for Gold
  7. Seven for a secret never to be told
  8. Eights a wish
  9. Nines a Kiss
  10. Ten’s a bird you must not miss

There’s a bit of variation with this but generally it’s that one  and one day this week we ended up talking about the magpies we had seen that day on our way to Uni. Between us we had seen 4 on their own and a pair together so naturally the both of us were wary and affraid of what was going to happen and guess what we were right!

Bad thing number 1// I got shouted off the bus by a *beep* of a bus driver so we had to wait for the next one

number 2// My brand new jeans ripped 😦

number 3// We walked into the wrong lecture…. luckily we realized what happened and skedaddled before anyone really noticed.

number 4// the bus back from Uni was really bad.. we had to stand for a long time on a coach bus, there were four of us in this one little space and there were several times we thought we were going to go through the front windscreen but we survived!

Nice thing// well there were a couple, one of them was that we survived the bus ride, met some nice people on it and for me my dad took my mum and me out to dinner after we voted.

Finally, I don’t like to talk about Politics on this blog and I actually planned on going on a rant right about now because you all probably know the Scottish Independence Referendum was yesterday and I stayed up all night to watch the results (writing this blog with one eye shut I am so tired! I done that then went to a 9:15 lecture, dedication!) I won’t tell you all what I voted because I would like to keep this blog  neutral and regardless of personal vote, this is a democratic society and everyone has the freedom of their own opinion but today a lot of people have upset me with their reactions to the results (on both sides, i’m not blaming one-side I’ve seen it on both) the amount of verbal abuse that I have seen on twitter and facebook is ridiculous, I am not saying it’s everyone because I know it’s not but people need to be respectful of others decisions. I have put myself on a social networks ban because its just getting me worked up and I hope we can all relax soon. (End rant, sorry about that)

So after a stressful week of Uni( my elective is commercial law, yikes)  not sleeping right and then just not sleeping, my plan for the weekend is to sit on my couch with a blanket, watch funny tv shows and read a good book 🙂

Still reading Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini (it’s getting to the really good part)


2 thoughts on “The Power of the Magpies

  1. I didn’t realise they were new jeans oh my god!! Loved what you said about independence. You’ve worded in a mature way I just wish more people could take your attitude towards this. So much abuse and negativity over a decision that’s been made isn’t the right way to start off. 🙂

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