Holiday In Scotland

It’s been a while since I have done a travel post on this blog and since I went away last weekend I thought I would talk a little  bit about that.


Last weekend my family and I  went to Pettycur Bay Holiday Park in the South of Fife. It’s a great place for a holiday and especially if you like photography as there are some spectacular views.



Across the water is the city of Edinburgh, it is a beautiful sight at night with the lights shining and on a clear day you can see Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh Castle!



Although you can’t see it in this picture the Forth Road Bridge and Rail Bridge are in the background there and you can make a nice day trip by going across the bridge into South Queensferry for the day, going on boat trips etc (there is a shop down by the beach that has amazing  ice cream!)



Pettycur Bay holiday park  is situated between the towns of Kinghorn…which is on the left… and Burntisland which is on the right. It is a great place to spend the day watching the boats pass by or you can go into one of the towns to spend the day. Kinghorn has a beautiful harbor and Burntisland is where almost every Scot spent their holidays before we stated jetting off to Spain and other countries. It is still a beautiful town with a great sandy beach.



Aberdour is another town nearby that has a castle and beautiful gardens that you can go visit as well. We didn’t get to go as it was closed for the week 😦



We weren’t there long so not a lot more I can say except that was my second time there and I loved it! I took lots of photographs that I love and if you have any questions about here or anywhere else in Scotland just let me know in the comments.




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