The Gates Of Atlantis Complete Collection Book Review


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Centuries ago the great city of Atlantis had to be hidden from humans. Now magically buried in the depths of the ocean, it is the source of all magic. All is well in the magical world…until the leaders of Atlantis listen to the whims of a mad man.
A group of teens set out on their own unique quests to fight for the world they love. They face dangers they didn’t know existed. As they battle their way through mysterious tunnels and secrets of the ancient world, they find themselves in a race against time. One by one, the mad man will shut down the Gates of Atlantis and destroy the magic. Can these unlikely heroes stop him before it’s too late?


Pages: 834

Published: 2014

Publisher: All Night Reads

Format: ARC via Netgally in return for an honest review.

Genre: Teen, Fantasy, Mythology


Overall Recommendation level: 5/5

Book Hangover Level: 5/6


Set in a collection of 6 books several authors have brilliantly worked together to combine this wonderful saga which is perfect for young teens. In my opinion they have expertly weaved several stories together while maintaining their own unique elements. It reminds me of the books that started my love for reading when I was younger and I know this one will do the exact same for young teens now.

Book OneBanshee at the Gate by Wendy Knight: Half-human, half-banshee Seven loves her life with her awesome brother Haran and her dad while delivering souls safely to death…until Death comes calling for Haran.

Wendy Knight created a great introduction to this mythological world and collection. She has created likable and lovable characters who hooked me into their story/lives from the get go. From the very first page I couldn’t put this book down, I had to see Sevens quest to save her brother from Death as well as helping Atlantis. Overall it was the perfect start to this collection.

Book Two:  Guardians of the Gates by Laura D. Bastian: Mermaid Talia wants to be a Guardian. Exander wants to leave Atlantis and explore the upper world. An accident at one of the gates gives them both their chance, but they also make a startling discovery—someone is destroying the gates.

I love mermaid tales. Anything even related to mermaids I have to read it so when I saw that this book was about merpeople?  I dove right in (no pun intended) . One of the main things I loved in this book was the humour- Liam the Leprechaun in particular. This book really furthered the plot of this series. I will probably repeat this but I was really impressed by how much the authors have integrated their seperate storylines together and shared characters. They are very good at helping introduce the next book as well as answering any leftover questions from the book before. I absolutely loved this book and the friendship in it.

 Book Three: Secrets of the Mine by Juli Caldwell: Adam believes in myths and magic. Clancy doesn’t. Two normal kids’ lives change when they embark on the adventure of a lifetime on the back of a sea kelpie…if only they can get away from the strange creatures that are determined to stop them.

I wasn’t sure what to expect while starting this book but wow I could not put it down (read it on my phone). Adam and his mum go to an archaeological dig sight where Adam meets Clancy one of the other archaeologists daughter. One thing leads to another and the two end up helping the Sea Kelpie Nef find the Tria who have been imprisoned by the evil Phoibos. It’s an amazing adventure that keeps you reading and wanting more.

Book 4: Magicians of the Deep by Jaclyn Weist: A trip to Ireland changes Colin’s life when a bite from a mysterious fish awakens unlimited knowledge and dormant magical powers. He knows exactly how to save a magical world, but can he get there before it’s too late?

As I have said before all the different stories in this collection interconnect extremely well and from the snippets of Colin that can be seen in the other books I was very excited to here more about him and his story. In this book Colin and Alleya’s  (another character we have heard about) tales are told and I loved how both of them connected together it really worked well and was a great read!

Book 5: Madness Behind the Throne by J.R. Simmons: Phoibos, bullied and taunted by other kids, believes something is wrong with Atlantis. His charm with the nobility and skill as warrior as he grows make him believe nothing will stop his quest to purge Atlantis from everything he finds impure.

A book about how the evil Phoibos became the bad guy that we have heard about in the books before? Yes please! I always like to know more about how people become the way they are so this was always going to be an interesting read. My favourite character from this book is Callidora. It takes a very strong person to admit to the truth about their loved ones, so I really admired her for her courage. A quote from the book that describes her perfectly is “I have never seen a woman more courageous, beautiful, and so full of compassion.”

Book 6: Battle for Acropolis by Mikey Brooks: Talon keeps getting in trouble. It’s not his fault things around him randomly burst into flame, but he’s not sticking around to find out what happens next. When foster sister Hattie encourages him to run, they make a break for it, only to find an unexpected destiny awaiting them in Atlantis. They just have to get there first. When they do, they find a lot of help. Characters from all the previous books appear to help fight Phoibos. These unlikely heroes risk it all to save the magic and fight for Atlantis

Foster siblings Talon and Hattie have had hard lives, each with their own secrets they decide to run away in search of a family that they may just find in Atlantis. This is the perfect ending to this series. all the different story lines were tied together nicely answering any questions that were needed answering as well as leaving readers wanting more. For me that is the perfect ending to any book.



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