10 Day Bookworm Challenge: Day 9


Day 9 :Pick 3 characters and say which house they would be picked for in Harry Potter/ if your book is Harry Potter tell us which magical job you would like to have if you lived in the potter universe.

Once again with my luck I picked out Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling therefore instead of telling you all which houses I think everyone is in…something tells me  we all already know which houses everyone is in…. I am going to tell you about the magical career I would probably have if only I had gotten that letter…sob, still not over it… I know without I doubt that I would have started a career in Care of Magical Creature.

I 100% love animals if I had any chance of working with them I would jump and grab it. So if that is the way I feel about normal animals how could I not jump at the chance of working with magical animals? From deciding on this career path I would probably beg and plead until I could study Dragons.. I mean come on, if you had a chance to see them wouldn’t you take it?… Dragons are by far my favourite mythical creature they are  just magnificent and can fly and have a tiny  bit of a temper as well, which would be amazing to see.

Although I would not be as…..adventurous…… as Hagrid shall we say working with magical creatures would just be my dream job!

Well that’s todays challenge over, only one to go! Hope you enjoy this challenge and maybe give it a try if you want. In the meanwhile check out my previous days challenge here.


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