10 Day Bookworm Challenge: Day 8


Day 8: Pick a character from your book and pretend they have several social media sites such as twitter, facebook and Instagram and then create several of their posts, tweets and pictures you think they would upload to the sites and show us.

The book that I picked from my bag is Pivot Point by Kasie West.  I was quite excited to do todays challenge as I think it is really interesting trying to get into a characters head and their way of thinking, maybe that is just because  I love to write 🙂

Kasie West is one of my favourite writers. There is not a book that she has written that I have not been in awe off and one of my favourite things about her is that she is a brilliant storyteller and creator of great characters. So today I am going be writing several social media posts from the point of view of one of my favourite characters -Trevor.

These posts are set before and during the book so here is the first one- Twitter

“Game time tonight guys, let’s go!”


“feeling creative :)”




Not very good ones but I am trying not to give away spoilers, anyway that is todays challenge to check out my previous days challenge click here.



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