10 Day Bookworm Challenge: Day 6


This one is a day late I know but I went away for the weekend and just now got the internet again, yes! So here we go.

 Day 6: Pick two books today and pick a character from each book and say why you think they would make a great couple/ work well together/ or wouldn’t.

The two characters that I have picked from the books I got today are Adrian Ivashkov from Blood Promise by Richelle Mead and Isabel Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Yes, both have there own epic romances in their separate books but together I feel they would be unstoppable.

Both are unstoppable forces to be reckoned  with and let’s face it Adrian needs a kick-ass women to put him in his place.They would be fun and loving and unbeatable. 

Just a quick note the picture above is beautiful artwork by Emma Taylor please check out her other artwork here, they are all amazing! 

Also have a look out at day 5 of this challenge here.


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