Wednesday Playlist 3/09/14

Plane Wing

This week I was thinking of doing my weekly playlist with a little bit of a twist. 

After looking back at the songs I have been listening to all week I discovered a bit of a theme going on, they were all perfect travelling songs! Not travelling songs as in songs the ones you listen to in the privacy of your car but songs I think are perfect for public travelling i.e on a plane. 

So this weeks playlist is (for me) some songs that are perfect for listening to when on public transport. Not too loud that those sitting around you look at you funny or you feel the need to jump up and dance (not good) and not to slow that you fall asleep either.

  • Parachute by Otto Knows
  • Forest Fires by Fred & Grafix and Eatherwood
  • Stolen Dance by Milkey Chance 
  • Geronimo -single mix by Sheppard 
  • Unaware by Billie Marten
  • Last Love Song by ZZ Ward
  • Room to breathe by You Me at Six
  • Ugly Heart by G.R.L
  • Heart Out by  The 1975
  • XO by John Mayer
  • 365 Days by ZZ Ward
  • Move like U stole it by ZZ Ward

If you haven’t already guessed from that playlist I absolutely love the album Till The Casket Drops by ZZ Ward, please give it a listen it is amazing! 

And also if you like my Wednesday playlist check out last weeks here or look up the categories >


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