10 Day Bookworm Challenge


To help make this blog that little bit more interesting fellow blogger Miserable & Magical and myself decided to create a book challenge with a little bit of a twist to make it more fun for us to do and I hope you all give it a try as well if you like it! If you try it then please leave a comment below I would love to check it out!

What it is

10 Day Bookworm Challenge:

Write the names of 11 books that you have read onto separate pieces of paper and put them into a hat/bag.

Each day you will pick a piece of paper from your bag/hat with the name of a book on it and complete the task for that day based on the book you picked.

Day 1: Try and draw three characters from your book, blindfolded.

Day 2: Make a playlist for your book (if there is one, don’t look at the original, )

Day 3: Take a photo of something that reminds you of the book.

Day 4: Post your 4 favourite quotes from the book and tell us why.

Day 5: Sum up the book in 4 words.

Day 6: Pick two books today and pick a character from each book and say why you think they would make a great couple/ work well together/ or wouldn’t

Day 7: Tell us how far you think the main characters would make it in the hunger games. If your book is the hunger games say your favourite characters in the order 1 to 5 and tell us why.

Day 8: Pick a character from your book and pretend they have several social media sites such as twitter, facebook and Instagram and then create several of their posts, tweets and pictures you think they would upload to the sites and show us.

Day 9: Pick 3 characters and say which house they would be picked for in Harry Potter. If your book is Harry Potter tell us which magical job you would like to have if you lived in the potter universe.

Day 10: Choose your dream cast in a movie/tv show for your chosen book- if it is already a movie/tv show tell us if you  agree with who has been picked or would change them? If you want to change them, then who would you pick?

That’s the instructions and rules! I am really looking forward to starting this and will post my first challenge later on today, this will be fun 🙂


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