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Amazon-  Sony MDRZX600.AE      Sony MDRZX300R.AE

As you may know every Wednesday on this blog  I talk about the 10 songs I listen to most during the week. And I tend to use this picture of my headphones which I love so I thought I would talk this week about headphones.

I don’t know about everyone else but I tend to go through a pair of earphones at least once a month, probably because I use them much too often and too loud. But anyway, because of my bad track record with keeping earphones I decided to try something different and decided to get a set of headphones instead.

After a lot of research I finally decided to buy a set of Sony headphones which lasted 6 months! An achievement for me, the headphones were Sony MDRZX600W.AE and white, they were comfy to wear, gave a good sound and contained the sound reasonably well. The price was a bit dear for being on a budget but overall a good set of headphones. It was me that broke them in an accident but I think they could have continued on working for quite some time.

After how well the headphones worked for me and how happy I was with them I decided that I would then buy another pair of Sony headphones- they are a great manufacturer of headphones and brilliant if you are buying on a budget. Although I loved the first set I decided to try another Sony headphones set this time. This set (the one in the picture) which is the Sony MDRZX300R.AE in red. Once again Sony did not disappoint, I have had this set for 7 months now, absolutely love the sound they produce, extremely comfortable to wear, easily fit into my bag when I take them off and best of all they are under £20- brilliant and a bargain. A great price especially for students that are skint.

Yes, there are some problems- if your listening to something very loud in public people around can hear, but if it is a  reasonable volume then it keeps the sound and also if you have long hair it can slide easily along it but that’s about it.

So my advice is that when you are looking for headphones shop around a bit and look at reviews, sometimes it is the best way to find great things without having to pay extortionate prices.


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