My Week In Pictures

Another week has passed and it has been quite a week so I thought I would show you in pictures what I have done this week.


A Quick Description – From left to right~ I got nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge this week and I gladly accepted as it is for a great cause. Have any of you done it? Next is a picture of the books I bought this week, lots of them πŸ™‚ After that is a lovely smoothie I got from Costa when I was shopping.

On the next line is a GIANT Hot Fudge Brownie desert that I got in the Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow, do not get this for yourself, share it, way too big for one person- unless you are hungry! Definetly worth it though very yummy! After that is a picture of a book I am reading this week- loving it! And finally a beautiful cupcake that I got as a favour from a baby shower I went to.


Bonus picture of the lovely Scottish summer (note the sarcasm-storms!)


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