Wednesday Playlist 20/08/14


Yes it is that time of the week again and I have been listening to a lot of different music this week so here are 10 songs that have been on repeat for me this week 🙂 

1. Rude by Magic!

2. Caught In The Moonlight by Si Cranstoun

3. Move With You by Jacob Banks 

4. Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars 

5. Kill of The Night by Gin Wigmore

6. Back To You by Twin Forks

7. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

8. Wings by Birdy

9. Battles By Hudson Taylor

10. Lighthouse by Lucy Spraggan

That’s it for now but there is millions of great songs waiting to be discovered, one quick tip for finding great music is by going on the CW website and looking at the playlists for their shows, lots of great music there! Anyway check out my last weeks Wednesdays Playlist here and come back next Wednesday to here about some songs I have discovered! 


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