What do Scot’s do…?

Okay right now I am going to tell you a bit about a real Scottish person, I do not know why I said Scot in the title ^up there^ because I have never actually heard a Scottish person say they are a Scot, that’s just what you all refer to us, mostly.

So their are a lot of stereotypes about “the Scots” and really most of them are just No, No, Heck No. However, on occasion some of them are actually real and true.I just found this article written by Molly Nurse on matadornetwork.com here is the link to that > it’s called 20 Signs you were born and raised in Scotland. As I was reading it, I was nodding my head because it was so true! As well as carrying on an internal monologue that I think you all will like to hear about my views on some things a Scottish person grows up doing…

Number 1// “Irn Bru is the ultimate Hangover Cure” -This I would not know personally  as I have never been that drunk, but! From friends I know this to be true (if mixed with spirits, aka vodka, Irn Bru may be partially responsible for you being in this state in the first place) but yeah Irn Bru rules.

Number 2// “Know what a ceilidh is and know how to pronounce it”– Yes. If you can say this right, congratulation! you pronounce it Kay-lay, or kay-lee, depending on where you are from, and yes it is a Scottish dancing party, sort of and yes all Scottish children were humiliated and forced to do this at school until the age of 18, when we left. FREEDOM! But overall great night out, go to a ceilidh! 

Number 3// “You expect free prescription drugs and university degrees”– Yes, again. This is one thing that I am forever grateful for in this country.

Number 4//”You know how to pronounce Edinburgh”- I cannot tell you the amount of different ways people have said this cities name, some of them are ridiculous and I am sorry if someone has laughed in your face when you have mispronounced this word but we,as a nation just hear way to many wrong pronunciations and it takes its toll. When in awkward situations, laugh. Oh and you sat it Edinburr-ah not Edinburg

Number 5//” You are either an Edinburgh person or a Glasgow Person”– Everybody everywhere is normally one thing or the other, it’s just what we do as a species, species? I need a new vocabulary. Anyway this is true, in Scotland you generally come from Edinburgh < the east or Glasgow> the West or just class yourselves as one. I am a Glasgow person, most of my family is from Glasgow and I speak mostly with a Glasgow accent and vocabulary plus I could drive you around Glasgow, I don’t know Edinburgh that well.

Number 6// “You are mentally prepared for rain at all times”– Obviously, as a scot (ha, I used it!) we know that even in a heatwave, a storm can be only minutes away. Yet, we never really carry rain coats, gave up long ago.

Number 7// “You know that as soon as the sun comes out men will take their tops off”– True…Next!

Number 8// “Your people are obsessed with the weather”– I think we have one of the best vocabularies for the weather, most cannot be repeated online though, the accent is brilliant!

Number 9// “You let all the tourists believe all the legends are true” That’s because they are! Duh 🙂 I have seen Nessie.

Number 10// “You smile and nod when tourists tell you of their Scottish roots”– We sort of go to auto pilot when you say this, I know several occasions when I have been asked “oh, my great great grandad lived in Scotland, the name is ….. do you know them?” …Yes we are a small country but I don’t know every one here! sorry, its a pet hate of mine, I love you all, just please don’t ask me that.

Number 11//”You suppress your annoyance when people judge your accent”– Well…(Insert rant)… I have been told that I should get lessons on how to speak English properly, I know plenty of people who have as well, how about no? <That’s what annoys me. People who get my accent mixed up with others doesn’t bother me,I don’t mind getting called Australian or Irish, it doesn’t even really bother me when you think I am English, so okay to that 🙂  (well, except for that one English guy who though I was french and started speaking french to me, huh? we spoke to each other in the same language! English!) There are many Scottish accents and they all sound different.

That’s all the commentary I am giving you today, to see the rest of the 20 signs click here, The points/Signs above are all the authors of the article (everything in bold), I just added my commentary to show you the insight of a Scot (did it again!) Hope you enjoyed it, come give Scotl a visit sometime and check out the article its funny!

P.s any questions about Scotland leave it in the comments and I will get back to you. Bye!


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