Wednesday Playlist

road trip

I talk about a lot of different things on this blog but I don’t really have a continuous blog post so I thought what can I do? I know! from now on I am going to give you a mini playlist of what songs I am listening to this week.

1. Piano by Ariana Grande

2. Messiah by Prides

3. Hooked on a feeling by Blue Swede

4. Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan

5. Love Runs Out by OneRepublic

6. Don’t by Ed Sheeran

7. Bulletproof Picasso by Train

8. Budapest by George Ezra

9. Ghost by Ella Henderson

10. Somebody To You by The Vamps and Demi Lovato


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Playlist

  1. Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy recently? (That was one of the first things I thought of when I saw “Hooked on a Feeling”. That and OOGA CHAKA OOGA CHAKA). Great playlist. Do keep making these!

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