Glasgow 2014: day 11 over and done with

Lost the internet there for a while so I sadly couldn’t tell you all about the last day of the commonwealth games in Glasgow this year on the day but not to worry I can do it now. 🙂

So for the final sports events we had the road cycling ( in the pouring rain) there was comments that the road race would be too easy for the cyclists ( most of whom have just finished the Tour de France, from the men’s race) but seeing as less than thirty finished out of the 140+ that started, I’ll say it was hard and those who won medals truly deserved them.
As well as that the badminton and squash finals took place, the medals were given and that was the end.

Of course then there was the party at the closing ceremony with lots of music and cheesy commentary but it was funny and enjoyable If not a bit cringeworthy. So that’s the end of these games and my blog updates on them, and what a games it has been! Thanks to everyone involved and a huge congratulations to all the athletes involved!


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