Glasgow 2014: Days 5,6,7,8 and 9

What a week it has been! That’s us almost at the end of these Commonwealth Games and what a games! So much has happened and the hard work has payed off for a lot of athletes. Since my last update on the games a lot has happened, many sporting events have finished, many have started, many medals have been given and lots of drama as well.

Several events have concluded for these games such as the Swimming, Judo and Cycling with many young athletes shining through in their first big championship event. Others have started and are ongoing such as shooting, athletics and gymnastics where many hopeful athletes are looking for a medal or even just their personal bests which is amazing in itself!

One event I have to talk about is the Gymnastics that have been on this week, I give a huge applause to all gymnasts they were all fantastic and from what I could see India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Wales and Scotland did brilliantly.

With many more events to come today the medal count will change but here is the top three medal winning teams so far in the competition!

Team Gold Silver Bronze Total

England 47  47  43   137

Australia 39 40 44  123

Canada 30 14 28 72



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