Day 2,3 and 4 of the Games

A bit late I know but I have been at the Rugby Sevens of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and it was brilliant! All the teams were excellent, some great rugby was played and it was a brilliant atmosphere to be a part of! It was amazing to see all the different teams from Sri Lanka to Wales to Uganda to New Zealand and of course for me, to see Scotland! And it was also my first time in a Subway, I was absolutely terrified but I did it, feels amazing to conquer a fear! (I am a bit claustrophobic, as I found out when I went paintballing- I will tell you all about that disaster another time!) My personal favourite team to see do well was the Cook Islands! I love an Underdog.

Glasgow itself is abuzz with many people in high spirits and it is a great place to be right now, so if you have a chance come up for a visit!

Any way now onto other sports in the Games- It’s been a pretty dramatic time for some teams- some teams have had to lose a few athletes to different circumstances, others have had a hard time in some of their chosen sporting events and some athletes have done spectacularly well!

One of the great things I think about these games is that lots of young athletes have a great chance to show their talents and so far that has been true!

Lots of medals have been awarded and many sports have been played such as Rugby Sevens, Swimming, Athletics, Judo, Boxing and Hockey.. really I could go on but if you want to learn more about the different sports/ teams/ athletes just click here to go to the BBC website!

Here’s to many more great days of Games!


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