Day 1: Glasgow 2014

I know I don’t really talk about sport on this blog but I though I might do a couple of short updates on the 20th Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow this year, I mean how often is it that something like this is held so close to home!

First of all, if you haven’t heard of him hears Clyde the mascot for these games!

d yes he’s a thistle, a weed but he’s the best looking weed I have ever seen, he’s just adorable!

Secondly, here are some funny comments I found on Tumblr and the commentators about the opening ceremony yesterday, there is a lot of controversy over how it  went but I thought it was brilliant! typically Glaswegian and funny yes cheesy but funny and fun. My personal favourite was the wee Scottie Dogs, they were the stars of the show!…

Dawnofthedusk: Glasgow you are ridiculous and I adore you. Couldn’t call anywhere else home.

“He was awarded with six cows when he returned home with gold, which has its obvious advantages. I mean you can’t barbecue a gold post box” – BBC COMMENTATOR 

Billy Connolly: We face the world with sass and grit


One Funny Story// Chris Hoy had to get ID’d to get into the Chris Hoy velodrome 🙂

Now on to the medals// It was a great first day to start these games, the sun was shining, everyone was having a great time and there was loads of medals to be won. All the athletes tried their hardest and did very well and all the hard work paid off! Here is a list of the first three teams in the medal standing:

                            Gold   Silver  Bronze   Total

1. England     6           7         4                 17

2. Australia  5           3          7                 15

3. Scotland   4           3          3                10

So that is day 1 over, if you would like to see what all the teams got or individual athletes got check it out here where you can also see some of the events live during the day!



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