Wrap Me in Bubble Wrap…

large bubblewrap

I am never going to get a job as a waitress that one is for sure. I may, possibly, probably, most definetly be among the elite of the most clumsy, trust me I am a nightmare.

It’s not that I mean to or anything it’s just I daydream to much and have butterfingers so in most instances it ends up with smashed things or bruises. In particular I seem to have a connection with smashed screens and broken keyboards- the relationship being I am too clumsy for my own good and so far in the last few years have went through three phones (well I am on my third phone and I smashed the screen but it’s fixed now! )although  my pride and joy is my ipod though which has worked perfectly,  3 years and counting! (also includes falling in the sink full of water, tough little guy)

And that’s just the electronic things, numerous cups have smashed- and not the glass ones I am currently the only person I know to completely obliterate a plastic cup.

Anyway, lets step away from the broken things and talk about the best part of this- although sometimes things go wrong ^look up, it’s not all completely bad, I do get great stories from being clumsy, although many are not funny at the time but memories count some of my favourites include; sword fight (replace swords and insert cucumber and spring onions), polystyrene sword fight ( the stuff you get new things wrapped in), tripping coming off a ride at the theme par, and the all time winner for most red faced person- falling face first in a book shop (more like a dive across the floor). At the time it doesn’t seem good but it makes great memories one day.

At the start of this post I just ment to tell you about how clumsy I am ( my mum has now banned me from taking scissors up the stairs, with the amount of times I fall down them I can understand why she’s worried ) and that I should probably be wrapped in bubble wrap! But as I went on I realised there is a point to this- bad things happen- embarrassing things happen- but one day it will all be memories and its your choice whether to worry over them or laugh at what happened and move on. Life’s too short to keep worrying about the past, grin and bare it and move on- I can now go back into the shop where I stupidly started dancing and was caught by a nice looking worker there who just had to talk to me about it.



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