Summer of Sports

Summer 2014 so far has been a big deal for Sports summers and it is only going to get better.

I am a fan of many sports but I don’t really say so because I am not an expert of any one sport and really just enjoy a good game and so on when I watch it.

Already this summer everyone has been able to watch The FIFA World Cup which ends tonight! I am watching the final as I write- Germany vs Argentina! I don’t know about everyone else but for me I have found this one pretty exciting some of my favourite teams got put out quite early on and from there it has been anyones game (except from Germany, I thought they would definetly be in the final!)

As well as the World Cup the Tour De France is on! It’s the first time I have really followed the Tour and it has been amazing. With two weeks still to go I am very excited with whats to come, although I still haven’t quite figured out how the point system works so if you understand it please explain to me. It even makes me want to cycle but sadly my bike has… well… it’s gone to bike heaven. Not a good idea to leave it out in the snow and rain. 

Still to come, with all the excitement of these two events plus others there is still many more to look forward to one of the big ones for me is the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow! I am especially excited because I have tickets for the Rugby Sevens, I love rugby and cannot wait to go see it, plus my family is thinking of going to one of the road races so that will be fun! I have even bought a Kilt, not a fancy one of course, just a nice one and also a face paint kit to paint the flag on my cheeks so there will be no mistaking who I am supporting 🙂 

Anyway, I have had a brilliant summer of sports with more to come and I hope you have as well.


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