Cassandra Clare Love


This month so far I have had a Cassandra Clare Books Binge, so to speak. So far this month I have read the fourth and fifth book in the Mortal Instruments series; city of fallen angels and city of lost souls.
Both were really good books- I understood that city of fallen angels was really just a build up book for the next two but it was still very enjoyable to read.
I have also read all the little 5.? Short stories set in city of lost souls. I love Malec!
After reading these two I ordered the last in the series city of heavenly fire! Which came today! So excited to start reading it although I am sad that it is the last in this particular series.

However not to worry this brilliant YA author has told everyone there will be FIVE Shadowhunter Chronicles in total made so while waiting on COHF arriving I read Clockwork Angel, the first in the Infernal Diaries series and wow! I was worried that I would hate it simply because it was a Shadowhunter chronicle but not with the characters I have grown to love, yet this book had me hooked from the beginning! No hate at all from me only praise.

Anyway, I say thank you to Cassandra Clare for sharing this world with us the readers and I am planing to spend the rest of the month reading all her other books but for now I am going to sit on my couch read some more of her incredible books and watch the mortal instruments city of bones movie.


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