Day 9: Two Guilty Pleasures

Here we go second last part of the challenge is to tell you about two of my guilty pleasures. They may not count as a guilty pleasure for everyone but for me they do so here they are;

One// Musicals- I love going to see shows at the theater! It’s not a long trip to Edinburgh so when I have the chance I like to go and see them, this winter I am going to see WICKED!!!!!! I have wanted to see it since it first went to London but I never got to see it, so now that it is touring I do! Also, there may be a little, tiny bit too many musical soundtracks on my ipod and I may have watched too many musicals on tv but they have catchy songs!


Two// Funny videos-  I can literally spend hours just watching funny videos online, I will watch them all! The bit I find is the guilty pleasure is watching all the pranks, they are too funny, for anyone that they are not done to of course. And the cat videos, everyone must have watched at least one cat video, or maybe its just me 🙂

Check out Day 8 of my challenge here about words I use too much everyday.


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