25 things to do in Edinburgh

Think of this like a Bucket List of things you must do while in Edinburgh. I would probably say that the best time to come to Edinburgh is in the summer, this beautiful city is well- known for its festivals and some of the best in the world are between June till August. So here we go, let’s pretend that you are coming to stay in Edinburgh in August and ask me what to do? Here is the list of things I think you must do during your trip.

One// Edinburgh Castle- If you are ever in Edinburgh you must visit Edinburgh Castle is is a magnificent place and you can see beautiful views of the city from up there as the castle is high above the city on top of a volcano (don’t worry it is one that is long dormant!)

edinburgh castle

Two// Picnic in the Gardens- The Princes Street Gardens are right in the middle of Edinburgh and are one of the best places to have a nice picnic, read a book or just have a nice relaxing day in the sun. While you are there have a listen out for the one o’clock gun which is the gun that is fired from Edinburgh castle everyday.


Three//Military Tattoo- The Military Tattoo is on every August where military bands and dancers from all over the world come and perform at the castle for many nights and each ending with firework displays. I have been to this myself and loved every minute of it, it is a definite must see at least once.

military tattoo

Four// Go to the Grassmarket- The Grassmarket is in old town Edinburgh just under the Castle and it is a long street filled with pubs and shops and during the Fringe Festival there are lots of street acts performing


Five// Visit Edinburgh Dungeons- This is a very old city therefore there are many scary and strange stories to be heard. This is a great place to spend an afternoon hearing all about Scotland’s Scary History.


Six// Go for a Walk- Edinburgh is a great place to go sight seeing and brilliant for photography lovers. During the festivals thousands of street performers assemble around the city to show their skills. One of the best places to see them is on the Royal Mile leading up to the castle.

royal mile

Seven//Edinburgh Book Festival- This is the place to be for any book lovers, every year the International Book Festival takes place in Edinburgh and thousands of authors flock to share their tales and for book signings and workshops etc. Its free to get in so a great place to spend a day.


Eight// Go to the Market- Down in the Gardens during the summer there are lovely markets to be seen where you can find anything from books to jewellery to cute little knick knacks.


Nine// See a show– One of the best parts of being in Edinburgh is that it is a very arty city, there are thousands of shows to be seen from musicals to plays to dance shows and so on. During the summer there are a lot more shows on offer and a lot of them are free to watch so have a look around.


Ten// See a band– As in any city there is never a shortage of musical talent so check out some of the bands available, you can see them anywhere from on the street to in pubs or in concert halls.


Eleven// Climb Arthur’s Seat- For some of the best views of the city climb this dormant volcano .

arthurs seat

Twelve// Scare yourself silly– For anyone who loves a good scare and ghost stories this city is the perfect place to be! Take a Witch tour around the city at night or take a trip down Mary King’s Close a haunted underground close in old town Edinburgh .


Thirteen// Eat Some Haggis- There are many great places to eat in Edinburgh and while you are there try some Haggis its spicy and yummy!


Fourteen// Visit Dolly- If you have the chance visit the National Museum of Scotland it is a great place to take the family and you can see Dolly the first cloned sheep.


Fifteen// Climb The Scott Monument- If you are up for a challenge climb up the Scott Monument in Princess Street Gardens, its a tough climb but is worth it when you get to the top!


Sixteen// Laugh along with a comedian- During the fringe Edinburgh is full of Comedians with great shows to watch so have a nice night out and go see some.


Seventeen//Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens- A beautiful place to visit especially for all those who love photography.


Eighteen// Go to the National Gallery- This is for anyone who loves art, this beautiful gallery on Princess Street is full of masterpieces.


Nineteen// Visit Greyfriars Bobby- There is a beautiful true story behind this little dog so if you have a chance go learn about it and see this little statue at greyfriar


Twenty// Have some Whiskey- One thing we are famous for is our whiskey, there are hundreds of pubs and bars in Edinburgh so if you are having a great night out in one try a little whiskey.


Twenty one// Penguin Parade- Go and see the penguin parade at Edinburgh Zoo as well as the pandas and lots of other animals

The Penguin Parade at Edinburgh Zoo

Twenty Two// Go Skiing- For all the sports lovers out there, there is a Ski slope just outside of Edinburgh, so give it a try! (It’s a dry ski slope)


Twenty Three// Carlton Hill-If you have a chance take a walk up Carlton Hill at sunset for spectacular views of the city. It is also a great place to go to see the Fireworks!


Twenty Four// See the Fireworks!- This city loves its Fireworks! During the Military Tattoo there are fireworks at the end of every concert, there are fireworks to celebrate the closing of the fringe festival as well as the Hogmany Fireworks at New Year.


Twenty Five// Dynamic Earth- A perfect place to spend the day especially those with families- you can see and touch an iceberg, experience a volcanic eruption, see the big bang and visit the tropical rain forest.



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