Day 8: 3 words you can’t go a day without using

We all know we have certain words that no matter how hard we try they just come out. Here are three that I just keep saying no matter how hard I try to stop.

ONE// DUDE- I have no idea how I started saying this, it is not a normal word you here in Scotland but when I am surprised or shocked or just don’t know what to say it just seems to be my go to word.

TWO// JUST- I didn’t realize I was saying this a lot till I was writing this post ^^ just look, darn it I did it again! This one is a regularly used word in Scotland. Have you ever heard or seen Still Game or Chewin the Fat? Both are very Scottish tv shows set in Glasgow and one of the best lines is

  “gonnae no dae that”  “how?” “Just….. Gonnae no”

It is really funny and I cannot stop laughing at it!

THREE// AWESOME- My friend has family in Canada and after returning from a visit there she continually said awesome and I guess it just rubbed of on me. Everytime someone tells me good new I say “that’s awesome!” plus if I am being sarcastic awesome seems to be my response as well.

Check out my previous challenge day 7 here, it’s about 4 songs I am listening to this summer!


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