It’s the galaday! …. Sort of …

Yesterday was my towns annual galaday, or otherwise known the children’s day. Each year there is a big parade in the morning that the children all take part in dressed up to suit a theme, this year was superheros (lots and lots of avengers and superman/girls and batmans/girls) them there is events down at the show park and lots of rides to go on.

It is a great day for everyone to relax and have fun. In my case we had a BBQ that lots of family and friends came to and they didn’t leave till late at night, hence the lack of a blog update yesterday from me πŸ™‚ it is a great day to spend time with family and I had a great time!
^^ up above is a picture of the wood burner that we had while we were outside to keep us warm at night when it got colder and below is a picture that I promised of the ride we call “the bomber” because it is huge and terrifying but completely awesome and fun to be on ( depending if you have are before going on it !)

Overall, it was a fantastic day and I can’t wait till next years!


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