Review or Recommend?

Okay I was planning on doing some reviews on this blog. You know, the usual book reviews, music reviews, film reviews. However, I don’t really like giving bad/ negative reviews about different  things  which then sometimes puts people off them. That would be unfair to you and to the people who created these different things. So here’s what I am going to do- I am going to put up recommendations/ neutral discussion- instead of reviews, they will be spoiler free and hopefully completely negative free, that way everyone gets to make there own unbiased opinion.

So here I will talk about different music that I have heard and books i have read with the occasional movie discussion thrown in, without giving them a rating etc.

I will start this up soon, as you can see I have read a lot of books this month, bought a few CD’s and the occasional movie.

20140627-233109-84669366.jpg    london grammer  fault-our-stars-movie-poster  onerepublic-native-review-2013


2 thoughts on “Review or Recommend?

  1. City of Fallen Angels, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Eleanor and Park were all amazing books that anyone should read.
    I’m in the midst of Paper Towns. It’s good, but not as good as Looking for Alaska or Fault in Our Stars was. As for the Fault in Our Stars, I thought the movie was great, but I liked the book better. Still, it definitely didn’t disappoint. It was a good companion.

    1. I feel the same and paper towns for me was a good book but John Greens other books such as The Fault In Our Stars and Looking for Alaska were in a whole other league. Also any book by Kassie West is on my recommend list, I think she is an amazing writer as the movie version of the fault in our stars did the book justice 🙂

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