What a day!

Today I went shopping with one of my friends where I naturally bought some books I am so weak! Can’t remember the last time I manage to go to a book store and not buy one.


^^ this is a picture of me after shopping, definetly cannot shop all day! With a nice coffee frappicino and I got my fiend a smoothie as well (which makes her go sky high hyper) to celebrate her passing first year of university!!! So happy for her!

On That note I am not happy with how Long it’s taking to get my exam results as there are people that I have sat next to all semester that already have there’s and I am still sitting here :/ patience is not my virtue!

On a happy note though, the shows as we call them here ( rides most other places) started last night and will continue until the galaday on Saturday, so excited! The shows are just behind my house so I can here all the screams from everyone on them, especially this one;


You can’t see it very well here ( I will get a better picture) but it is 3x the size of a house and around here we call it the Bomber because it spins you up high and upside down very fast! < oh this is the one I fell off while climbing out of my seat ( after it finished!) because I’m clumsy and my legs were too short 😦 but anyway I am so excited for the galaday and being able to here all the rides ( and the screams) from my house just makes me more hyper for Saturday!

For now though I am cleaning out all the songs on my iTunes as I haven’t done it in a while and some of the songs I bought a few years ago I honestly don’t know what I was thinking!


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