“Thank you for crying with me”

This was said by my friend today to me after we went to see The Fault In Our Stars at the pictures (cinema) and I can honestly say “it was a privilege” to watch this movie. If you did not know, it is an adaptation from a spectacular book by a spectacular author, John Green. I won’t say anymore than that for those who have yet to see the movie or read the book but honesty please do it is a life changing book for many and the movie truly did it justice so thank you to everyone involved in making it happen, from the actors to the director to the author of the book, really, thank you!

Onwards and upwards// so i have been a bit absent from this blog this week and that’s cause life got in the way, I will work more on updating regularly and finish my challenge that I started, In the mean time here are some things that I did this week;

I spent a lot of time outside in the sun, it’s Scotland when it’s sunny we better run outside and make the most of it šŸ™‚ and I got burnt as well, hurts but it was worth it to be outside.

I have never been prouder than what I did this day, painted the fence and yes I was covered In paint but after 4 hours I was finished!

The GALA civic week in my town has officially started, each year In the summer, towns over here celebrate with the children’s galaday- a giant parade and lots of rides and stalls down at the park, it is a great day with a week full of events leading up to it and every year in my town we celebrate the start of the week with fireworks! They were beautiful !!!

Every once in a while as a treat we get chocolate cake from COSTCO so I haven’t had any yet but I am looking forward to some šŸ™‚

20140621-184128-67288195.jpg more new books!! Okay so I probably don’t need any more but my excuse is that I needed change for the bus so I got them and am looking forward to reading them !


2 thoughts on ““Thank you for crying with me”

  1. “Thank you for crying with me!” Hahah, I love Amy. After the film I said, “It was privileged to have my heart broken again by John!” šŸ™‚ Oh and that chocolate cake looks amazing. Sending my mum to Costco for chocolate cake if they look like that!! šŸ™‚

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