Day 4: My 7 Favourite Posts


Here we are day 4 on my at attempt at the 10 Day Blog Challenge and I will admit it is not the best part of the challenge but for day 4 I will tell you a little bit about my 7 favourite posts from my blog.

One// Well it will have to be my Mad for Superheros post that I talk about first. I have a “healthy” obsession with Marvel at the moment and superheros in general to be honest with you. So this is a post about if 2014 is the year of superheros as this obssesion of mine isn’t quite just mine and the world are in fact obsessed with superheros. If you want check it out here

Two// A post that I am quite proud of is A Town By The Sea. A post I made about a town I went on holiday to a while back and loved it so much that I decided to share it all with you. Take a look here.

Three// Another post about a lovely place is The Granite City about the Scottish city called Aberdeen. Here it is.

Four// Music is a big thing for me so here is a post about music for driving in Songs for the Road. See it here.

Five// Friends are really important and are there when you need them so this is about a “Study” date, we didn’t study, just before we sat our exams, so here it is. Exams, Starbucks and friends.

Six// I love books, so here is a post I made about one of my favourite authors.

Seven// Let’s finish off with a great day I had yesterday at the Queens Baton Relay, have a look.

Check out Day 3 of my challenge here about 8 places I would like to visit.


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