The Commonwealth Baton Relay


I had a great and busy day today as the commonwealth baton came through my town today and it was amazing!

For the Glasgow Commonwealth games 2014 the Queens Baton Relay has been underway where the Baton has been traveling all over the commonwealth before the games, well today it was in my hometown, and it was a pretty big deal. Down at the park there were different events on and there were lots of bands along the route to entertain the crowds and I saw the baton! I cannot wait for the games this year as I have tickets to the rugby, which is one of my favourite sports! Even better was that everyone was in a good mood and it was really warm and dry so the weather for once was nice 🙂

It is sort of becoming a tradition for me and my friend to see these kinds of events as 2 years ago on its way to the London Olympics myself and my friend got to see the Olympic torch (and held one, have a picture 🙂 ) at an Olympic concert in Glasgow and now today we saw the Commonwealth Baton and had a good time down at the park and then running along the route to the other side of town where a family friends daughter got to carry it, my legs are aching but it was worth it!






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